Nytt medicinskt sökverktyg

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INSÄNT AV Peter Nyberg från Sv Läk sällskapets www DEN 20 :e OKTOBER, 1996 vid 11 - tiden

Registreringen är fri och sökning kan göras med medicinska termer

About Medical World Search

Uses a Web index of major medical sites
Assisted by a medical thesaurus
Can send searches to other search engines
Precise search by phrases and word groups
Development team

Medical World Search is the first search engine on the World Wide Web especially developed for
the medical field. Medical World Search can aid medical practitioners, researchers, or anyone with
basic knowledge of medicine, to formulate an optimally precise query to search the World Wide
Web and find exactly the information they need. Medical World Search is offered and developed by
the Polytechnic Research Institute for Development and Enterprise as a service to the medical
community and general public and as part of its research program in medical information retrieval,
and we welcome collaborations with academic medical centers and individuals to assist in its future
development. Medical World Search's major advantages over other search engines are that it uses a
Web index of major medical sites, that searches are assisted by a medical thesaurus, and that it can
send searches to any of several major engines for more comprehensive searches.

Medical World Search uses a Web index of major medical sites

Medical World Search downloads and indexes the full content of the major medical sites on the
Web. This guarantees that results of your queries will be from sites that have been recognized as
containing high quality information. Since the full content is indexed, you can search for any word
in any of the pages of the major medical sites.

Searches are assisted by a medical thesaurus

Unlike more generic search engines, Medical World Search understands medical terminology
through its thesaurus (the Unified Medical Language System® from the National Library of
Medicine ) Language System(R)), which it can use to automatically expand or narrow search
parameters. For instance, when given a query such as "heart attack", it will automatically recognize
heart attack as a medical term, and will retrieve only Web pages that contain this term. Other search
engines may retrieve pages that contain the term heart and the term attack at separate places. In
addition, Medical World Search will expand a simple term such as "heart disease" into potentially
several hundred heart disease terms and will search on all of them, including, for instance, "heart
attack"; "myocardial infarction"; "infarction of heart"; "myocardial infarct"; "infarct, myocardium";
and "cardiac infarction" plus hundreds of others. Furthermore, Medical World Search will rank the
importance of documents to a query based on the number of all these terms as found in the
documents. This sophisticated method of searching the multitude of Web sites reduces incidental or
extraneous "hits" and makes for more precise, targeted searches.

Medical World Search can send searches to other search engines

For comprehensive searches, Medical World Search can easily submit your query to any of several
search engines. It automatically expands or narrows the query based on medical terminology, then
sends it over to the search engine. The result is much more precise results that if you had entered the
query directly into that search engine.

Precise search by phrases and word groups

Precision of searches is much increased by searching for medical terms as phrases or word groups.
For instance, when searching for "heart attack", a World Wide Web page will be returned in the
search results only if the page contains the word "heart" and the word "attack" next to each other, or
the word "myocardial" and "infarction" next to each other, or the word "infarction" and "heart" next
to each other, or the word "myocardial" and "infarct" next to each other, and so forth. Even when
sending the query to another search engine, searches are still done by phrases and word groups.
Medical World Search automatically formulates the search using the query operators that are
appropriate for the corresponding search engine.


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